Convertible Sofa / Bed


Since space in the VW bus is limited, we have come up with a construction of a folding bed that can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily.

Our solution consists of an extendable frame that supports the bed, as well as four wooden panels (with air slots) that form the slatted frame and are each connected to two hinges . This allows the lying surface to be folded up like a fan , the backrest of the sofa is created from the two middle boards and one board becomes the seat.

The bed can be set up and taken down in three easy steps. Can also be carried out by one person alone. In addition, this construction is a very inexpensive alternative to steel profiles or metal frames , and ultimately it also saves weight .


Material used



  Tool used

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Bed pad & supports

To ensure that the seat and lying surface are adequately supported later, we have built a small cabinet over the left wheel arch. In this there is a pull-out support that supports the bed's lying surface. If we convert the bed back into a sofa, we can hide the support again in this wheel arch cabinet. We also gain additional storage space, since this cabinet has a door and, in addition to the support, there is also space for the sun sail and the grill, for example.

Opposite, on the right, is the slatted frame on a wooden beam, which we have attached to the closet, and on the ledge of the refrigerator.

Prepare the lying surface

The lying surface consists of four individual wooden panels (3x 120x50cm & 1x 120x40cm). So that the air under the mattress can circulate sufficiently and that no mold can form between the wooden panels and the mattress due to moisture, we sawed several ventilation slots in the panels, creating a kind of slatted frame.

We used multiplex boards with a thickness of 15mm for the lying surface to make sure that both of us could stand it.

Mount the lying surface

We attached the wooden plate with the dimensions 120x40cm to the head end (in the rear) and screwed it tight to the beam on the left side and the box for the support on the right side. You should make sure that the plate is mounted at a 90 ° angle to the cabinet so that the bed can be folded out later.







Install the lying surface

Then we attached the hinges to the wooden panels. The bolts of the hinges can also be easily removed, so that the panels can be placed directly on top of one another and the hinges can be attached in the correct position. Make sure that the hinges are attached correctly: in the middle they are on the underside, with the outer parts they are screwed on the top (compartments).

We also attached a leather handle to the extendable support (from step 1) to make it easier to pull it out.

Attach the lock

!!! Important: So that the construction remains folded when driving, i.e. holds in the sofa position, we have attached a simple door latch to the box for the support - would be very unattractive if the seat would slide down when braking. This latch can then be pushed into a hole in the seat. Your might thereby specify multiple positions for locking.

Attach leadership

Finally, we have attached a simple wooden plate on the box from which the support is pulled, which prevents the wooden plates of the lying surface from sliding away to the side.

The wall unit on the right side of the vehicle takes on this task. Then the matching upholstery came up and the sofa bed construction is finished.

PS: As you might notice here, the louvers for the slatted frame are still on our to-do list.



final version

The sofa

Here you can see the final version of our convertable bed when folded. Here you can sit comfortably on it, if the weather is not cooperating outside, you can eat on our folding table or play cards.

Our bed

This is the unfolded lying surface - the slatted frame - of our sofa bed. Our bed has the dimensions 190 x 120 cm and is therefore sufficiently wide for two people next to each other and just long enough for us.